Kick-Arse Poetry by Dr. Lissa Judd  


Reviews of A Small Book of Kick-Arse Poetry

Kiwijoker gave it 4 stars on

"Very sensitive and revealing poetry on how the minds of children work. Dr Judd has captured the essence very well and the poems are reminiscent of Lear or Carroll. My 14 year old grand-daughter felt that this would be well appreciated by young people and it worked well in capturing the thoughts of both the young and the parents views. The Monster under the Bed would make for a good picture book for kids. Deserves a wide audience from teachers particularly in the teaching of students who have difficulty with language."   

Isobell gave it 4 stars on

"Interesting & unusual book - while reading there were floods of memory pictures from my childhood. I smiled at memories and the antics. Highly recommended, especially as a quick 2 minute escape from reality. Leave it where you wander - I bet you could not walk past it!! It is like a good kick in the bum by a rainbow!!
Hard copy version is great stocking filler for Christmas and/or handy thank-you gift for special efforts by other persons! "