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Reviews of A Slightly Larger Book of Kick-Arse Poetry

Nita H gave it 5 stars on

"Lissa Judd has done it again. This second book has all the same ingredients that will really appeal to early teenagers (and others). With earthy, slapstick humour, irreverency and clever use of words the author induces 'non-readers' to not only enjoy reading but to painlessly extend their vocabulary. And don't be misled by their apparent simplicity. Hidden in hilarious verse are deeper observations on society and human relationships. A poetry book to read, laugh out loud, ponder on and gift to others." 

Sharlene gave it 5 stars on Goodreads:

"I received this book as the result of a Goodreads First Read contest.

I usually read my poetry in small snippets. I love going over a poem and savoring it. When I decided to start reading this, I was on the way to dropping my daughter off at school and then to a doctor's appointment. While hubby drove, I thought I would read the first one aloud. Shortly after I had read the second and third. My thirteen year old daughter was howling in the back and doing the unexpected. She asked me two things. One, what was a glossary. (I had mentioned it had one in the back.) And two, would she be able to read it after me.

Anyone who knows my thirteen year old, knows that I have a hard time getting her to read. I started a reading challenge with my kids last year and saw them begrudgingly read for the most part, with only a few passing their hands that they enjoyed, her being the least impressed with them. She has great excuses for not reading. These examples include, fresh air and exercise are very important. She is trying to save the forest, as books mean trees have to die. She is trying to save her eyesight. Even this example: One would not want to miss what is going on around them because their nose is in a book.

She is fantastic with excuses and yet, here she was asking if she could read this book! Parents, educators...Are you reading this? Get out there now and buy this book. Buy several!

But I digress. I still had my appointment to go to. As I sat in the office waiting room reading and laughing at the poems within my hands I was soon escorted into the examination room where immediately, the doctor stopped outside the open door before it was closed and gave me a nervous smile before closing the door and whispering to my nurse. He soon came in and examined me. Perhaps I should have explained why I was at the doctor's office. Instead, the book has inspired me with a poem of my own.

The Accident

I didn't know when I walked into the school that I would get a scare,
I fell down eight steps, didn't miss a one, I know...It wasn't fair.

I banged my elbow, bruised my butt and even banged my head,
When I landed at the bottom, everyone was shocked I wasn't dead.

They took me to the hospital and checked out all my limbs,
They gave me all these medicines, They helped me lose my whims.

I was to return for a follow up, they wanted another look,
I prepped myself and left to go but first grabbed a little book.

A Slightly Larger Book of Kick-Arse Poetry was worth a little read,
The people in the waiting room, they looked a little peed.

I laughed so hard, I could not see and yet I needed more,
The nurse and the doctor conversed and moved me to another floor.

The book they took away from me, They said it would be best,
and now I sit here by myself, waiting for my sanity test.

The waiting was a bore and the test a bit of a drain,
but now they tell me they were worried about a swelling brain.

The moral of the story, is always best to tell,
Read this book at home alone, this will serve you well.

And if you want to read and enjoy it with a laugh,
The best advice that I can give, is to read it in the bath!
(Please, note. The reviewer featured here is not, I repeat not, a poet.)

All kidding aside, this was a fantastic book to read. It was fun and the poetry will challenge young adults to not only explore their own sense of style, writing poetry, but encourage them to look up what words mean. The glossary in the back is not your average glossary. It defines the words as they are used in the book only. If you want a full description, you may want to follow up with a full sized dictionary but rest assured, once you read the definitions in Judd's glossary, you may be hard pressed to forget what the word is, as her examples are quite amusing.

There are some words in the book that may offend some, but lets face it, kids hear much, much worse on the playground. Let go of any inhibitions and let them read it. Kids have a great sense of humour.

This is a book for anyone 12 and older. I expect my three kids will be chomping at the bit to read this book and that once my husband stops giggling and closes the book, they may actually get a chance. I am off to look in the bookstore for Judd's previous book of poetry.

A great, great book!"

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