Kick-Arse Poetry by Dr. Lissa Judd  



Stinky Jones was hyperactive -

couldn’t keep him still;

he was a whole lot better

on the days he took his pill.


He couldn’t concentrate at school -

it bristled with distractions;

there was no time to think ahead

to stop impulse reactions.


He tried so hard to understand

the words his teacher said -

but they were drowned out by the roar

of static in his head.


His classmates knuckle down and work

but Stinky plays the fool;

the lesson’s quite opaque to him -

he’s miserable at school.


He gets up at the crack of dawn

and goes to bed quite late;

his inner clock is stuck on ‘now’ -

he really cannot wait.


Stinky chatters on all day

he’s barely time to eat;

at school he wanders ‘round the class -

he won’t stay in his seat.


Reading  is impossible -

the letters will not stay:

they move and turn and twist in such a

dizzy queezy way.


Numbers also baffle him:

he cannot work it out-

how to turn those symbols

into actual amounts.


Concepts like before and after,

nearly, soon, and yet -

are all such vague abstractions

that he really doesn’t get.


It’s all so darn frustrating

and he’s suddenly enraged -

he’s punched a hole into the wall

before his brain engaged.


His Mum says that he’s got to make

the best of what he’s got:

utilise his strengths to make

his life a better lot.


So Stinky takes his pills on days

he needs to keep a grip

on his mental perturbations,

but on weekends he lets rip.


The rest of us perceive the world

in sequence and in bits,

but Stinky sees the whole of things:

an enigmatic wit.


He answers questions no one asks -

he thinks a different way;

he has a most extraordinary gift-

he’ll realise it one day.


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