Cooking up Crap: and filling life's potholes with jam and cake

I’m not sure how I ended up writing a cookbook. I started out with stories and found that they evoked memories of food. The more I wrote, the more fitting it seemed to accompany the text with recipes. There is no unifying theme to this compilation - it has arisen organically from the random ruminations on my past. These recipes, like life, encompass the fabulous and the ordinary, attractive and homely; some are full of history while others are recent adventures.

The Manual: A Girl Guide for Guys

I have been referring to this book all my adult life: "Read the manual, I'd urge, after some bewildering or exasperating encounter with a man. I searched high and low for a user's guide to bestow to the befuddled male at Christmas or on a birthday - but having never found what I was looking for I decided to write it myself. 


I am a wife and mother, daughter and sister, friend and colleague, and trainer of the dog. I live in Wellington, New Zealand, with two of the most fabulous men on the planet: my husband and son.

These books are something of a diversion from my two other books: A Small Book of Kick-Arse Poetry and A Slightly Larger Book of Kick-Arse Poetry, which were written for reading-averse tweens and teens. The poetry books have there own website, here