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Tillandsia Starter Collection:  4 plants $29

Type A collection: 4 different type A tillandsias of our choice.   

Maximum one starter collection per customer.


Tillandsia Seedling Sticks: 6 plants $18

Seedlings are normally 5-6 years old, and depending on your growing conditions they should reach flowering size in 3 or 4 years. The sticks are 17cm. long


T. plagiotropica (cool) sown 2012, sold out.

T. gardneri (intermediate) sown 2011 sold out

T. hondurensis (intermediate) sown 2012, sold out.

T. butzii (cool) sown 2011 sold out.

T. retorta (cool) sown 2012 order now

T. festucoides (intermediate) sown 2010 order now


You could move the seedlings to individual mounts as soon as you get them, or wait a year or two.


Page updated June 7, 2018 (reminder- volume discounts do not apply to these specials)



Tillandsia seeds $4.50 per packet

Seeds will only come from our own nursery plants, when we have surplus. There will be 30-40seeds in a packet, and because most tillandsia seed is short-lived we will only offer them for 3 months - hence the expiry date on each listing


informationTillandsia disticha sorry, sold out for now!

informationTillandsia capillaris EG1 expires 14/07/18order now

informationTillandsia capillaris EG5 expires 14/07/18 order now

informationTillandsia capillarisEG6 expires 14/07/18order now