Products (for sale only at our Surgery)

Our Dermatherapists are happy to give advice on sunscreens, skin care products and the use of creams for the treatment of sun-accelerated aging changes.

If you would like advice from one of our Dermatherapists on the use of these products it is best to make an appointment - there is no charge for this.

We do not sell products online, nor do we give advice on skin care online.

We stock the following products:

Fragrance-free and Aluminium-free deodorants
Bleaching creams
*Mirvaso® cream to alleviate flushing
*Nailcalm® emulsion to treat fungal toenails
Lip Balm

*These are supplied under section 29 of the Medicines Act and require a consultation with one of our medical staff.

Hydroquinone-containing bleaching creams also require a sonsultation with one of our medical staff.