Phototherapy Request Form

We are able to provide the following phototherapy services:

a) Full body narrow-band UVB, using either a half-body unit (for children or claustrophobic people) or a full body enclosed unit.

b) Small area broad-band UVA (e.g., hand or foot PUVA)

c) Targeted broad-band UVB (for high dose treatment to localised areas).

d) blue light treatment for acne

Any medical practitioner can refer patients for blue light therapy. Other forms of phototherapy require referral from a dermatologist, who is responsible for excluding any contraindications, discussion of treatment expectations, side effects and follow-up.

Download: Phototherapy request form


We are able to determine minimal erythema doses (MED's) for UVA and UVB. We always determine a UVA MED as part of photopatch testing, but you can request phototesting separately as part of an investigation of photosensitivity.