Patch Test Request Forms

Download the request form  HERE   (there are information links in the request form, and some browsers eg.,  Safari might not open them. If that happens please return to this page and click here to get links that should work.)

The patch test brochure can be used if:

a) you wish for haptens (allergens) to be couriered to you (they will be applied to Chemotechnique IQ chambers® and accompanied by a form for you to record your readings), or

b) you require our staff to apply the haptens of your choice to your patient, do the readings, and send the results to you for your interpretation.

Patch testing is indicated for:

a) hand eczema

b) localised or generalised eczema which responds poorly to treatment.

c) patients with a history of metal allergy who require metal joint replacements, stents, or dental prostheses.

d) some cases of chronic uticaria

e) some drug allergies, atopic food allergy, et. al.

Contact allergy is as common in children as it is in adults, but irritant reactions are more common.