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16 October 2015

Our adult patch test form has been updated today.

13  August 2015

Dr Judd is now consulting at Bowen Centre in Crofton Downs, and Riddiford Medical in Newtown. Appointments for those clinics are made via Anwyl Medical Centre – please do not contact Bowen or Riddiford Medical directly since all the administrative work is done by our wonderful team at Anwyl.

1 July 2015

Our adult patch test form has been updated today, and Dr Judd has filed the following report from her attendance at the World Congress of Dermatology:

"Under-funding of patch testing for contact dermatitis is a huge problem all over the world it would seem. Some countries are blessed with academic units that have gazillions of haptens at their disposal, and loads of staff, and time, and even chemists to analyse and fractionate products. Oh, I wish!
There is no funded patch testing in Wellington. It's all done in private clinics, and like most places in the world most private dermatologists do very little because the reimbursement for the hours of work just does not compare with what you could earn doing something else.
At Anwyl we offer a pretty comprehensive patch testing service and can hold our heads high by world standards. I heard about patch testing in children at the World Congress of Dermatology, and patch testing in atopics - we do both of these, and in fact I presented a paper on patch testing in children at the NZDSI conference a couple of years ago.
There was interesting discussion on the stability of volatile allergens and we will be tweaking our procedures slightly when I get back, particularly for the couriered haptens service we offer to other dermatologists nationwide.
There was also a paper on steroid addiction (everyone agrees 'addiction' is not the right name) which I think is an under-recognised problem (but conversely also has the potential to be over-diagnosed by the steroid-phobic) and which can be hell to treat.
Overall we should be patch testing a lot more and we need to learn from the example of our European colleagues to educate our peers and those funders who hold the purse-strings."

12 June 2015

Dr Judd reports from the World Congress of Dermatology:

"The World Congress of Dermatology in. Vancouver has attracted over 10,000 delegates from all over the world. It is both exhilarating and exhausting. There may be more than 20 different sessions running simultaneously and I'm like a kid in a candy store trying to decide which to choose. Obviously I am drawn towards my areas of interest and expertise such as contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and phototherapy - but there is much more besides.
There has been much discussion on the importance of daily moisturiser to PREVENT the development of atopic dermatitis in high risk babies.
Lots of exciting information on barrier problems and micro biome and how these relate to the immune dysfunction in atopic dermatitis and the subsequent development of respiratory atopy.
It's also interesting to note how our immune state has such problems with cats but not dogs, and I can't help but wonder if this isn't because Homo sapiens has been living with dogs for so so much longer and has had time to develop a tolerance. In fact, like the 1.5 kilos of micro organisms each and every one of us cart around in and on our bodies they may even be beneficial. I'm being provocative! But it's all very interesting, and I can't wait to get back and put some new knowledge into practice, and also to be reassured that my phototherapy eczema and contact dermatitis work can rub shoulders with the best of them."

10 June 2015

News in today from Dr Judd:

"Picturesque harbour here in Vancouver. I'm at the World Congress of Dermatology plus the combined meetings of the European, American, and International Contact Dermatitis Societies. Just done a marathon 12 hour day of listening to speakers."

December 2014

Yes, we're still open. We do not close for the Christmas/summer holidays.

Late nights and Saturday mornings are available as always. We also have excellent prices on sunscreens.

7 August 2014

Patch test form updated.

20 July 2014

Our patch test form has been updated. We've removed a couple of haptens, added quite a few more, and created a couple of new series (Cheilitis and Leg Ulcer). The paediatric patch test remains on a separate form.

28 April 2014

There's been a few changes at Anwyl recently. We have new carpet, a new steriliser, a new washer-dryer, and are about to get a new server. We are always looking for ways to update and improve.

Last but not least, we have expanded the charities we support. Anwyl now fosters two baby elephants with David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Garzi whose mother was killed by poachers, and Sokotei whose mother died of natural causes. Dr Judd supports a number of animal welfare agencies including the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Ambosely Trust for Elephants, the World Wildlife Foundation, Save the Elephants as well as local organisations.

Dr Judd gifted baby Sokotei's fostering to our wonderful female staff, to mark Mothers Day.  To see a video of Sokotei's dramatic rescue click:


17 January 2014

We have recently been joined by Trish, our new housekeeper. You might see her on Tuesdays or Fridays. She not only looks after all our cleaning, laundry and shopping, but will make you a cuppa if you're early or if you need a bit of refreshment after surgery; she'll read to your children, or dash to the pharmacy; she'll help you find a sunscreen, or order a taxi. Yes, she's superwoman.

In addition, we have some fresh paint on the parking lines outside our premises, and "Anwyl" signs on the curb in the hopes of increasing your chances of getting a park outside our door, and not having to walk from the other end of the carpark.

16 January 2014

Dr Judd has written a couple more books: A Slightly Larger Book of Kick-Arse Poetry  to followup her best-selling (in Mana) A Small Book of Kick-arse Poetry and something completely different but still quirky: The Manual: a Girl Guide for Guys.

For more details and sample extracts from these gems, please click on the images below:


8 November, 2012

Dr Judd has her new book of poetry published in NZ and the USA. For a look at her humourous and quirky verse, click


4 October, 2012:

We were well represented at the recent NZDSI Dermatology conference ( and Dermatology Nurses conference ) in Queenstown in August: Dr Judd presented papers on the use of Dualight targeted UVA1 therapy for the treatment of sclerederma, and also patch testing in the paediatric population. Alison Beauchamp, one of our Dermatherapists, presented our findings on the use of blue light therapy in acne at the nurses’ conference, and also discussed Dualight targeted UVA1 phototherapy for sclerederma

Dr Judd has also presented a paper on skin conditions affecting the leg at the Wound Care Society Conference in July, and has given a talk on dermoscopy to local GP’s. Our own Anwyl Seminar for dermatology nurses and GP’s with an interest in dermatology will be held later this month.

 New rooms

 Anwyl Specialist Medical Centre has expanded into the adjacent premises when they were vacated by Hekia Parata, increasing our size by about 60%. Dr Judd drew up the plans for the fit-out, which were executed by the team from Mana Bathrooms  and electrician Steve Payne – who all  impressed everyone ( including the neighbors ) with their courtesy, good humour, and expertise.  Add to these a whole variety of other skilled technicians and tradesmen ( with the exception of the painters and decorators, as that was Dr Judd and her long-suffering husband, labouring away into the wee hours of the morning ) and the whole project was completed in good time and without anyone having a nervous breakdown.

We now have a purpose built phototherapy suite, with a blue light room for the treatment of acne patients, and a large phototherapy room for our narrow band UVB, targeted phototherapy and photodynamic therapy. The phototherapy room can also be used for minor biopsies ( if our theatre is in use ), as well as dressing changes and removal of sutures, as we moved our old theatre light in there when we bought our new theatre light for our skin surgery theatre. In addition we have a room devoted to patch tests ( which can also be used as an extra consulting room ), and an additional small waiting room.

We have lined the corridor with photographic prints, of the ordinary and the exotic. Anyone is welcome to look at our gallery, and most of the photos are for sale.

The expansion, and the addition of new staff, has meant that we can now offer even more appointments for mole mapping and phototherapy ( including blue light therapy for acne ) in the evenings ( Monday, Thursday and Friday until 7:00pm ) and on Saturday mornings ( from 8:00am until 11:00am ).

6 February 2012: Come and check out our cosmeceuticals!

We have increased our range of the fabulous Glymed Cell Science products.  Our dermatherapists can help advise on choice of products - if you would like them to assess your skin and help you to choose sunscreens, moisturisers, cleansers, bleaching creams and products designed to reduce the ravages of time and ultraviolet damage, then ring reception and arrange an appointment. There is no charge for this consultation.

In the waiting room we do have lots of helpful literature about our products, as well as brochures to guide your selection for common problems such as sun-damaged skin, rosacea and blotchy pigmentation. Our reception staff have also received training in these products, and have used many of the products themselves - so if you just passing, drop in and have a browse.

Check our product page here.

8 November 2011: Blue light therapy (read more) is also relatively new to Anwyl. We wanted to provide affordable Blue light treatment for mild to moderate acne. There are 8 treatments over a month, and each treatment takes 20 minutes (but it takes a few minutes to set up, and sometimes we are a few minutes late, so allow 30 minutes or more). It is a very pleasant and relaxing treatment and its ok to bring your iPod or similar to pass the time.

If you are having more than one site treated (eg., face & back) note it is 20 minutes each site (but the charge is the same whether we treat one site or three - just remember to let the receptionist know so she can book in the right length of appointment).

You don't need to see our Dermatologist for this treatment, you can book directly with our Dermatherapists, or your GP or Dermatologist can refer you using the phototherapy referral form which can be downloaded from the "Forms" menu above.

7 November 2011: We have recently obtained a Dualight (read more) for targeted phototherapy. We find that it gives much faster results than total body narrowband UVB when treating psoriasis, on account of the much larger doses which are used. However, it is only suitable for treating localised psoriasis eg., if it only affects the shins, or there are patches on elbows and knees.

In addition to psoriasis, Dualight can be used for treating localised vitiligo, nodular prurigo and other dermatoses which respond to ultraviolet.

You can make an appointment with our Dermatologist, or your Dermatologist can refer you directly to our Dermatherapists for this treatment using our phototherapy referral form which can be downloaded from the "Forms" menu above.