Lissa Judd

Anwyl Specialist Medical Centre Patch Test Links

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European standard series
(30 haptens)

Australian baseline series
(60 haptens)

Paediatric baseline series
(23 haptens)

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Supplementary series:

Acrylates  (15 haptens)

Bakery (12 haptens)

Beautician (60 haptens)

Cheilitis (17 haptens)

Cosmetic (23 haptens)

Dental (21 haptens)

Disinfectants (3 haptens)

Epoxy (9 haptens)

Flavours (5 haptens)

Hairdresser (7 haptens)

Isocyanate (7 haptens)
Leg ulcer (16 haptens)

Medications, topical (11 haptens)

Metals (14 haptens)

Metalworking (23 haptens)

Nail cosmetics (4 haptens)

Nursing/medical (26 haptens)
Orthopaedic implant  (19 haptens)

Perfumes (29 haptens)

Photoallergens (2 sets supplied so that one can be photoexposed, 26 haptens each.)

Anwyl plant series.pdfPlants (15 haptens)

Plastics and glues (11 haptens)

Rubber (6 haptens)

Steroids (7 haptens)

Shoe (11 haptens)

Sunscreen (21 haptens)

Textile dyes (11 haptens))