Dermatherapist Services 

Dermatherapists are unique to Anwyl Specialist Medical Centre. They have expertise in a range of disciplines including phototherapy, skin care, digital surveillance of moles and computer-assisted diagnosis of melanoma, assisting our surgeons, preparing and reading patch tests for dermatologists and other specialists anywhere in New Zealand, and much more.

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Barbara Figgiss

My work background has been in diversional therapy and I have also studied photography and design. My passion is with photography and how the light designs the photograph.

I am really enjoying my position here at Anwyl Specialist Medical Centre, where I can work with light in phototherapy and also the photography in mole mapping.

I have three children and my part-time activities include running a small cleaning business and riding my horse on the weekends.

Nathan Shippam

My previous work experience was with Wellington Free Ambulance for 11 years where I worked in various roles including; on the road as a Paramedic, Clinical Paramedic in the Communications Centre and also as a Community Care Paramedic. Over the years I developed an interest in working in a clinic setting and jumped at the opportunity to work at Anwyl.

My partner and I recently bought a house in Raumati Beach so when we aren't attempting DIY projects around the house we will usually be out and about with friends and family socialising. We have two dogs Benson and Luca, a cat and a couple of chickens for good measure. I enjoy tramping so I am slowly working through the Great Walks of NZ.